4 Reasons Why Durham, NC is a Good Place For Businesses

4 Reasons Why Durham, NC is a Good Place For Businesses

Durham, North Carolina’s population has been steadily growing for over 20 years.  You might be wondering why?  Well, I’m glad you asked and now I’ll tell you why this good for businesses thinking about relocating to Durham, or opening up a new branch in the RDU area.

  1. Weather

The weather in Durham is ideal.  Located in the middle of the state, an area also known as the Piedmont, Durham has mild winters, and warm summers.  People from the Northeast like to move to this area because the winters aren’t as cold and the summers are still plenty warm.


      2. Cost of Living

Durham is kind of a sweet spot for cost of living.  The homes are reasonably priced and Durham has all the conveniences and low costs of a major city.  And don’t worry, Durham has a Costco  While there are plenty of nice and expensive homes in Durham, there are many neighborhoods that are more moderately priced.

      3. Mecca for Higher Education

Durham has plenty of options for higher education.  There is Duke University, one of the top universities in the world.  There is also North Carolina Central University as well a smaller colleges and trade schools.  Durham is also located in-between Chapel Hill, home of the University of North Carolina (UNC) and Raleigh, home of North Carolina State University.

These are some of the top institutions of their kind in the country, if not the world.  These major universities also have their own healthcare and research facilities.  This all leads to a tremendous pool of talented and highly educated people living in and around Durham.

      4. Business is Booming

For the reasons already discussed, money and high quality human capital are flooding into the Raleigh-Durham, also known as the Research Triangle Park (RTP) area.  This creates lots of exciting opportunities for new businesses.  The downtown area is thriving with new small businesses.  There is the American Tobacco District in downtown and there are the traditional business areas by the Park that are attracting new high tech co-working spaces.

These medium sized businesses and startups are assisted by organizations that add fuel to the entrepreneurial fire like, the American Underground, the Google Tech Hub, of course we can’t leave out such useful organizations as the Durham Chamber of Commerce, and several more.  Some of the ground breaking new businesses and startups that are making Durham their home are Windsor Circle, Automated Insights, and Determined Solutions  And do not forget that there are so many companies spinning off the medical and research arms of Duke and UNC, that it is impossible to keep up with them all.

These are massive trends that show no signs of stopping.  Businesses and residents will enjoy many benefits as Durham builds on its’ strengths.

The weather is mild, the cost of living is reasonable, the pool of talented employees for businesses to hire from is very deep, and more and more businesses are opening shop in Durham.  The time is now.  If you are considering Durham as the home of your family or business, you’ll be glad you did.




Order Commercial Cleaning Supplies In Bulk Online To Save Money

Order Commercial Cleaning Supplies In Bulk Online To Save Money

Are you a janitorial services company looking for the best and most affordable cleaning supplies, or are you are a business owner looking to do your own cleaning with these supplies? As just a homeowner, I’ve even wanted to use one these commercial grade cleaning supplies before. It was a cleaning product for exterior driveways and carports. It was so strong that it worked much better than any other job I’ve seen done in a residential area, even without a pressure washer.

What type of cleaning supplies are you in search of right now? Maybe your answer is all of the above, and you’ve got quite the purchase to make. Do you want to buy them in bulk? Often, when it comes to commercial cleaning supplies, that is where the deals are to be had. There is much more than just cleaning supplies, as you have to get the right cleaning equipment, too. That’s why some commercial businesses opt for having cleaning companies come in to do the job.

Depending on how large your building is, you could need buffing machines and all kinds of heavy equipment to get the job done. Whatever janitorial/cleaning supplies you need, they can definitely be found at a good price so that you don’t have to outsource the work. If you get equipment that lasts, then you can make sense of not outsourcing the work. Of course, you still have to keep janitorial staff on deck to take care of all the work unless you’re doing it yourself as a small business owner.


Some business owners really do take on all that work just to make sure they meet small profit margins that grow their business annually. That means they need to save money when it comes to cleaning supplies. Any business owner knows that not using the janitorial supplies wisely means extra expenses, too. They need to be rationed out properly, and sometimes you have to depend on your employees to do that. The same can be said for a janitorial services company that hires cleaning professional to work for them.

Perhaps you’re looking up the prices and availability for different types of floor cleaning solutions. You never know, when looking at the different types of products out there as a whole, you might find out a thing or two you didn’t know about cleaning. Do you know the proper way to clean windows? That’s one thing that gets many business owners, and they just end up outsourcing that work, too.

Hey, it’s fine to hire a janitorial services company, but you’re certainly going to pay more money to do so. Just make sure you don’t pay too much money if you decide to make the sacrifice and get your own janitorial supplies in bulk to keep your business clean. Some types of businesses are just simply going to go through certain supplies much more quickly, that’s for sure.

What that means is if you have supplies that you can’t run out of as a business, you don’t want to do that. For example, say you have a public restaurant in Brisbane, and you run out of dish soap or toilet paper. Yeah, you’re going to have employees and customers complaining. You might also find yourself renting certain pieces of equipment from time to time. An example of this would be if you rent a heavy duty pressure washer to wash the parking lot and the exterior of the building. All of these things can be found and purchased online from trusted and experienced distributors that daily supply businesses with what they need to keep those spaces squeaky clean.

Not too long now!

Not too long now!

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